Chill House Überpak
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Chill House Überpak

Chill House Überpak
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Chill House, Deep House, Progressive & Garage


- Up01 Chill House - Main Demo
- Up01 Chill House - Demo 2
dboxSamples launches a new series of Midi+Samples Überpaks.

Introducing a brand new collection of white hot Chill House samples, expertly engineered to maximize your music potential. Fully loaded with extensive audio and midi progressions which can be accessed on 24bit pristine audio or as standard midi files. It represents the most relevant trends and EDM genres of today, such as House, Deep-House, Progressive, Chill Out, Garage and many more. 

Built upon intelligent and modified classical chord progressions, the pack is the ultimate secret in attaining "That Sound". These versatile midi+samples loops enable every smart producer to boost their musical knowledge. 

Constantly pushing boundaries, Up01's piano, keys and chord sounds are perfectly labelled and ready to use on any major DAW or compatible MIDI sequencer.


  • 165  Keys, Pads & Chords in WAV files @ 24Bits
  • 165  Keys, Pads & Chords in standard MIDI Files
  • 363MB Zipped
  • Melodic elements from the demo included!

To enhance your music creations match the sounds included in this Überpak with other Xpansion::paks to discover a magnitude of unlimited combinations.

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