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Audio Xpansions for Music Makers


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House,Tech-House, Main Room & Progressive


Mpak02 Main-Bass Demo

:: Mpak02 :: is the most refined 100 midi loop pack programmed to play your bass sounds that are focused on Main-Room, Tech-House, EDM and House genres.dboxSamples have carefully recorded, tuned and crafted every note so you can unleash the hidden power of your virtual and hardware synths.

Main-Bass was professionally built around pre-recorded and programmed midi data from the most renowned and trusted analogue sequencers, groove boxes and modular synths. Punch the walls of your inspiration with :: Mpak02 :: Main Bass midi pack along with the extra 10 industry focused drumloops that will work in a wide range of electronic dance music genres.

Easy to load standard MIDI and KEY Labelled for you convenience.


  • 100 x Basslines in Standard MIDI files
  • 10 Xpak04 Tech-Drums
  • 4 x Xtra - MIDI Basslines

Use the midi sequences included in this Xpak together with other Xpansion::paks and discover unfound combinations.

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