Mechanical turnery in Italy: this is the reference company

Have you ever heard of turning? Turning or turning is the type of processing that allows the creation of conical or cylindrical parts by removing a material from an existing product. It is not a job that can be improvised but requires great commitment, patience and competence. The mechanical processes that make use of the mechanical turnery in Italy are the following.

The different mechanical processes


For turning, CNC numerical control machines are used that allow great precision and high definition.


Another process that uses automatic turning is milling. This operation consists in imparting a rotary motion to the cutter around its axis. By doing so, different profiles are obtained such as: shapes, flattening, holes and slots.


This operation is nothing more than a finish and is performed by an abrasive tool (grinding wheel) which tends to remove the material in access from the piece. And it is through this operation that extremely precise products are made, such as bushings and bearings.

Rolling and knurling

These three operations are carried out by means of a roller, a knurling or a knurl, and represent the final operations of making the product.

Mechanical turnery in Italy

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