Aperitif on board Positano: a unique experience

The charm of an aperitif on board Positano

Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, is a destination that enchants with its timeless charm. The pastel-coloured houses perched on the cliffs, the narrow cobbled streets and the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea create a magical atmosphere that has inspired poets, artists and travellers from all over the world. But there is one experience that exceeds all expectations: aperitif on board Positano. Imagine boarding an elegant yacht, greeted by the friendly smiles of the crew. The sun begins to set, tinging the sky with shades from pink to golden, reflecting off the calm waters. The sound of the waves gently lapping against the hull and the sea breeze caressing your face create a perfect harmony that relaxes mind and body.

The pleasure of taste

Sailing along the coast offers a unique perspective of Positano. From the boat, one can admire the village in all its beauty, with houses that seem to cascade down to the sea. The green mountains rising behind, dotted here and there with ancient watchtowers, add a touch of mystery and history. Every corner, every curve of the coast, holds a surprise, a new glimpse to admire and photograph. An aperitif on board Positano is not only a moment of relaxation, but also a journey through flavours. The best local wines, such as a fresh Falanghina or a fragrant Fiano, accompany appetisers prepared with local products. Mozzarella di bufala, pomodorini del piennolo, anchovies from Cetara and crostini with basil pesto are just some of the delicacies that can be enjoyed, enhancing the culinary experience. As the sun sets on the horizon, the sky turns into a canvas of breathtaking colours. Warm tones of orange and red fade into the blue of twilight, creating a romantic and evocative atmosphere. It is the perfect moment to toast to the beauty of life, with a glass of prosecco reflecting the last rays of the sun.

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