Vacation rentals in Amalfi Coast: who to contact

Vacation rentals in Amalfi Coast: guide to choosing

Have you organized a beach holiday in Campania and are you looking for accommodation? Calipso Residence is the one for you. The property offers a unique service, for choice and comfort, of vacation rentals in Amalfi Coast. Three recently renovated and finely furnished apartments, equipped with all the comforts a guest could wish for.

Which property to choose for vacation rentals in Amalfi Coast

Calipso Residence, a structure specialized in vacation rentals on the Amalfi Coast, offers three apartments to enjoy a dream vacation on the Amalfi Coast. There is the Smeraldo Apartment, with two bedrooms and an amazing view of the sea. Then the Sapphire Apartment, again with two bedrooms and to which, in addition, you can also take advantage of a comfortable sofa bed located in the living room. Here, too, the areas are all facing the sea. Finally, there is the La Perla Apartment, with only one bedroom and, in addition, an amazing terrace where you can also sunbathe. Sea view, of course.

Vacation rentals in Amalfi Coast: what to see

In addition to having all the comforts a tourist can look for in an Amalfi Coast vacation rental, Calipso Residence can also boast a completely enviable position. The structure, in fact, with its three splendid apartments, is located in the Li Galli Archipelago. It is a place, belonging to the municipality of Positano, whose history is legend. It is here, according to mythology, that the ship of Ulysses passed, returning from Troy. The hero of the Odyssey was then tempted by the song of the sirens, but thanks to the advice of the sorceress Circe, who had suggested that he be tied to the mast of the ship, he managed to escape the danger. And it was also in this place, according to legend, that the ship of the Argonauts also passed.

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